By zanesch

YAMO would be nothing without the contributions of its individual companies, each of which brings a unique flair to the creative process. The three acting companies- the devoted Acting company, the zany Impulse company, and the physical-comedy oriented Unexpected company- rehearse the short skits and humorous songs that constitute the majority of the show. Dance company is responsible for a refreshing change of pace, inserting style and grace into the show. Playing the original, student-composed music is the Orchestra company. Behind the scenes, the Croo company works hard to make sure that YAMO looks and sounds spectacular. Croo is responsible not only for building the set, but for managing all technical aspects of the show, including costumes, lights, sound, shifting, and props. Of course, none of YAMO would be possible without the efforts of the Student Governing Board, who conceive of and write the show over the summer, and are responsible for the direction of the companies.


YAMO 2008


Florian Alcade

Sara Cochran

Ari Cox

Brian Gale

Charlotte Page

Nick Roman

Sarah Roth

Rachel Sanni

Dylan Shearer

Dujon Smith

Brady Soglin

Michelle Weeks

Micah K. Wright



Sarah Bernstein

Alex Block

Naomi Daugherty

Mercedes Gordon

Miracle Jenkins

Emma Lefton

Sonia Pollock

Daniel Rashid

Joe Reed

Robin Saywitz

Asher Stamell

Alex Walker

Charlie Warner



Allie Affinito

Rayna Ben-Zeev

Esdras Etrenne

Alex Foucault

De’Erin Hickman

Roshane Lawrence

Mark Lenz

Melina Neves

Ellen Roeder

Ethan Rogers

Corinne Sondak

Sam Stahl

Ian Wirth



Tess Byas

Hana Coxhead

Leah Chernoff

Eva Hellman

Ella Kinzie

Anna Navin

Amelia Nawn

Ishael Tendero



Katie Brown

Sally Decker

Keith England

Daniel Glick-Unterman

Sasha Hayman

Charlie Kaplan

Oliver Manheim

Asher Miller

John Miller

Carol Pint

Andrew Pope

Jessica Shatkin

Nate Woodring





Trisha Andrews

Prescott Balch

Adam Birnbaum

Craig Brentz

Gabbie Brieva

Nicole Cook

Jamie Davis

Rachel Esrig

Joey Fisher

Sam Gartsman

Jeff Giegold

Rachel Gieschidle

Adam Gwilliam

Nicole Hansvick

Talia Jacobson

Mary Mathyer

Rissa Mitchell

Zoe Morse-Brown

Cole Murphy

Ben Nidenberg

Abbie Reed

TJ Robison

Natasha Sandage

Lily Saywitz

Leah Shefsky

Sam Sprague

Allie Williams

Marissa Wojcik





Adenike Akapo

Julian Allen

Rachel Birnbaum

Rebecca Bradish

Aaron Comforty

Zoe Engling

Charles Fisher

Benjamin Goldman

Jordan Harris

Claire McFadden

Josh Phillips

Chris Rose

Zane Scheuerlein

Adam Spector

Meredith Taylor

Jill Weinberg

Jacob Youngblood




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